Angela Mathias is an artist with entrepreneurial spirit.  In recent years, she endeavored to own and operate an art gallery, is currently the proprietor of Kid Frolic Austin and co-founder of Sideways Art Co.

Angela studied art in school and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Painting, from Arizona State University.  Her medium of choice is oil and watercolor paints.

She continues to work on paintings that comment on and explore the idea of memories.  The importance of memories to individuals as well as to the masses over a period of time.  Contemplating a lifetime of time via canvas and paint.  Wondering about the importance of our actions with those around us and our actions with our physical environment.  Putting some thought into “What kind of memories are we making and how long will they last?”

Angela’s work is surreal, with representational elements.  The oil paintings often convey a sense of alone and contemplation.  A lighter side is more apparent in her watercolors.  You will find still life’s with scarves and other objects and a variety of patterns and cheerful colors.

In addition to painting, Angela is big on textile arts.  She loves creating with fibers and fabrics.  A new section will be added to this website in coming months to show off and make available some of her most recent fiber projects.  (updated 10/26/17)